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In this short presentation you'll discover why many recovery programs do not work. 95 percent of recovery programs in the U. S. are not based on solid research and evidence. While many  "lesser-known" techniques produce ASTOUNDING results. There are proven ways to dramatically decrease cravings, urges, intrusive thoughts and withdrawal

Nneka Gunn Nneka Gunn, GA, USA

I have achieved results that I have never been able to achieve in the past. It has now been thirty-five days since I started and I have not had a cigarette in thirty of those days, nor do I want one.

George and Anyram George and Anyram, HH, Germany

In a few words, junk food was the only food we'd ever eat. There has been around 40 days since we followed the advice found in all the Truth of Addiction E-Books and videos, and we can both say our health is back to normal, actually better then ever.

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